What is the Government proposing?

The Government has released the final bill we'll be voting on at the referendum in October. It proposes tight controls and public health measures, such as:

  • R20-plus: Adults only, no sales to teens
  • Taxes collected will go towards health and education programmes
  • No advertising allowed
  • Controls on potency of cannabis products
  • Cannabis will not be allowed in public places
  • All businesses must be licensed.

You can find out more about the bill on the NZ Drug Foundation website.

The Facts

Under prohibition:

With a legally controlled cannabis market we can:

  • Run education programs that stop young people using. (In Canada the percentage of 15-17-year-old who used cannabis has dropped from 19.8% to 10.7% since legalisation in 2018)
  • Take control of cannabis and the profits away from organised crime
  • Free up Police resources to focus on serious crime
  • Free up an estimated $490m for health, prevention, education and treatment initiatives
  • Protect people who chose to use cannabis by implementing quality and safety controls.