Order Posters and Fliers

Health Not Handcuffs Volunteer speaking with supporters at a stall on a sunny day. One supporter is filling out a form at the table.

In the lead up to the Cannabis Control Referendum we need to explain to undecided voters what the benefits of change are. Talking to people about the reasons for a Yes Vote is an effective way to boost support.

Flyers and posters designed specifically to help convince people sitting on the fence are available for order. These use the Vote Yes On Our Terms branding.  

We can supply these in two ways:

  1. Individual supporter pack: these are for anyone wants to hand flyers out at work, uni, a sports club, family gatherings, go door knocking, etc. Get a pack of 25 flyers and 2 posters, or let us know how many you could use (up to 200 max).
  2. Stall pack: these are for people coordinating a stall with some other volunteers. We will send you 200 flyers, 5 posters, a sign-up sheet for new supporters, a checklist and conversation guide. Let us know where and when you are running the stall.