Tēnā koutou katoa, hello friend,

The Government has released the Draft Bill for the 2020 Cannabis Referendum and we are pleased to announce that some of Health not Handcuff's key recommendations are reflected:

Cannabis will be treated as a health issue not a criminal issue;
Stop pointless convictions and discrimination;
Police resources will be spent on more serious crime;
Taxes collected from a regulated industry can go to health and education; and
Adults that chose to consume will have access to safer, regulated products.

If you would like to see further information on the bill please visit the Draft Cannabis Bill released – it’s a Yes story from us for a summary.


It’s great to see the Government proposing a health-based approach, however now it’s time to get the word out and get New Zealanders to Vote Yes at the 2020 Cannabis Referendum!

Here are some ways that you can get involved:

LET’S GET THE WORD OUT! Over the coming days we will have some exciting content coming out in our FACEBOOK community and we need you to help us get the word out.

VOLUNTEER – We need people like you out there, talking to your friends and whānau to spread the word. If you would like to be part of the Health Not Handcuffs crew please let us know here. 

DONATE – We get everyone is busy, but that doesn’t have to hold you back from getting involved in the movement. If you believe that New Zealanders should back the Yes Vote, you can donate here.

Stay tuned and let’s get the word out!

A Yes Vote is a vote for #HealthNotHandcuffs


Stephen and the Health Not Handcuffs Crew