Latest polls are cause for concern

Newhub June 2019 cannabis legalisation poll results

Are you worried about the recent opinion polls showing a massive drop in support for cannabis law reform? We are too.

On Monday both major news channels dropped their shocking political polls that show a majority of voters would vote “no” in next year’s cannabis referendum. Newshub had 48% voting against reform with only 41% in support. TVNZ’s was worse with a majority of 52% saying they’ll vote no.

These go against the tide of earlier polls that showed support and it’s a trend we don’t want to set in.

A vote against cannabis reform next year would set us back in a big way. It would mean our failed drug law would continue and politicians would be too nervous to ever talk about this again. We could lose a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make progress.

Let’s remind ourselves why we need to regulate cannabis.

It’s a harmful substance, especially for young people, and it’s under the control of organised crime. People who use cannabis are being criminalised, some at higher rates than others. There is no control over the potency or safety of this drug.

Regulation puts control in the hands of the government and the health sector meaning we can better protect young and vulnerable New Zealanders.

But you know all of this already. And you know how important change is.

Change isn’t going to happen by itself - we need help. Very soon we’ll be talking to you about some practical actions you can do to help us shift the debate.  Right now though we need to get the public back on side by challenging the myths and misinformation being spread by a well-funded opposition in the mainstream media.

If you can, donate. We need to raise funds to push our campaign along and get our message out. Go to the donation page and contribute so we can get this referendum back on track.

There is a lot of work to be done!

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