One of the best ways we can bring about a new approach to drug use, is by showing MPs that there is a groundswell of ordinary people who are fed up with our laws based on the harmful impacts they’ve seen first-hand in their communities. 

You may have seen the impacts locking someone up can have on their life, or you may have experienced stigma which meant you didn’t seek the help you needed. Or you may have a great example of how compassionate approaches to drug use can make a real positive difference in someone’s life.

Check out other people's reasons below, and then submit your own. Not all reasons will be featured on the website, but those that are can be shared on social media, and will be handed over to MPs. 

Let’s make sure MPs know why changing our drug laws is so desperately needed - share a reason and spread the word to your whānau, friends and networks!

I've shared my reason - what's yours?

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We should look to what works in the world and...

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The war on drugs is government sanctioned bigotry against a...

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I was convicted for the cultivation of three female plants...

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The war on drugs is the war on the poor....

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  My daughter was addicted to P for 2 years....

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  I live in a small rural community on the...

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  In 1968 I was 18 when convicted of cultivation...

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I have seen the damaging effects of pushing drug users...

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  We scattered Chris's ashes last week, after a small...

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  It’s simple really – punishing people for drug use...

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  When I was young I experimented with drugs, as...

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I spent 10 years as a prison consultant. There is...

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34 years on from a drug-related conviction, I still have...

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  The report of the 2018 Government Inquiry into Mental...

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He take hauora tēnei ngāngara, arā te kiriwara, ehara he...

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  It’s hard to get your head around the role...

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I believe we should legalize marijuana because of two reasons....

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Kali's Reason

We treat people who use drugs as criminals purely for...

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My reason for wanting to change our drug laws is...

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I have worked as an alcohol and other drug counsellor...

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