Health Not Handcuffs

Health Not Handcuffs was launched by a group of health and social justice organisations united by a desire to see compassionate and evidenced-informed approaches to drug and alcohol use.

We all see the harm that drug and alcohol use can cause, and want to make sure that those who need it can access support. We also see the harm that treating drug use as a criminal issue causes, in particular to young people and Māori communities. We need to stop the convictions and move to treating drug use as a health and social issue.

We’re working to create a movement for change, supported by individuals and organisations from all around these wonderful islands we call home. If you support the kaupapa, you can be part of it. Please join us and help us advocate for a drug policy with heart.

Our founding organisations are Hapai te Hauora, JustSpeak, New Zealand Drug Foundation, Te Rau Ora and the Needle Exchange Programme.


Our supporting organisations are: